Our Story

With a unique story and boundless experiences Monte Rosso Estate is located in the northwestern part of Istria, in the village of Crveni Vrh – Red Hill (in Italian Monte Rosso – after which it was named).

Our story began in 2006 and is rooted in the unity that guides our everyday life, particularly the unity of nature and man. The land was once cultivated, but it eventually became overgrown with bushes. We have cleaned and tidied it up again, creating a paradise that provides healthy and high-quality products for our and future generations. We connect three countries – Croatia, Italy and Slovenia – making Monte Rosso not only a bridge between nations but also a link between the past and the future


Today our property spans 65 hectares and includes 14,000 olive trees, over 50,000 grape vines, 2,000 cherry trees, 600 almond trees, and the same amount of fig trees, as well as some other cultures.

Our terroir benefits from a special microclimate thanks to its proximity to the sea, with vineyards and other cultures situated 50 meters above sea level. The open space allows for constant circulation of the wind, creating a dry and windy environment that greatly reduces precipitation and benefits the growth of vines and olives. Our cultures receive plenty of sunlight and grow in three different types of soil: limestone, white soil, and mostly red soil. Our terroir is well-drained, and our vineyards are equipped with a pipe system for watering. All of these factors, along with expert care, result in healthy grapes and olives that yield high-quality products.

From the estate, you can enjoy beautiful views of neatly planted agricultural crops on mild slopes, with some positions offering a picturesque view of the sea and stretching all the way to the Slovenian and Italian shores. Those stunning views and serene surroundings make it the perfect location for relaxation, celebration, or team-building activities.



At Monte Rosso Estate, we take pride in our five wine labels made from authentic Istrian Malvasia and Montepulciano grapes, as well as limited edition wines, five extra-virgin olive oils, fruit spreads, and brandies. Our Nerone wine, made from Montepulciano grapes grown in Istria, is a one-of-a-kind product that you won’t find anywhere else. We invite you to visit us and indulge in our unique offerings while listening to the story of our estate.

Our philosophy is simple: have patience, dare to be different, explore, and be true to yourself.

The owners

The owners

Two friends with a shared passion for olive oil and wine, and a deep respect for the rich history and unique geography of the Istrian region, came together to create Monte Rosso Estate. Their mission and vision is to produce high-quality, healthy products and offer unforgettable experiences to their guests. With a combination of patience, knowledge and passion, they have established a unique and thriving estate in this remarkable corner of the world.

Davor Dubokovič

»Every time I walk around the estate, I understand why I entered this story with my heart and soul and often ignored reason.« 

Monte Rosso literally changed my view of the world. We sometimes removed stones and macchia from the impassable property with our bare hands. From nothing, we have created everything you see today. I am grateful for the excellent team that shares the vision with me and carefully manages the estate and takes care of the health of the trees that bear high quality fruit.

Uroš Gorjanc

»If circumstances allowed, I would move here permanently and work on the estate.«

Our vision is for Monte Rosso to become synonymous with the highest quality products that are recognized in the international market. The Monte Rosso estate will be used for relaxation in the unique Istrian orchard of olives, vines and fruit trees, and for enjoying the products provided by red soil, full of curative minerals.

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