Explore products of Monte Rosso Estate, where the essence of Istria, Croatia is captured in every bottle of our exquisite wines and our exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Nestled in the heart of the enchanting village of Crveni Vrh, our estate is dedicated to crafting exceptional products that showcase the unique terroir and rich cultural heritage of Istria, renowned for its favorable climate, fertile soil, and proximity to the Adriatic Sea, creates the perfect conditions for cultivation.

Wine & Brandy

At Monte Rosso Estate, we take full advantage of Istria’s natural blessings to cultivate premium grapes that form the foundation of our captivating wines. Each bottle tells a story of dedication, craftsmanship and balance of tradition and innovation.

Since 2010, we have planted Malvasia and Montepulciano vineyards, putting years of effort into preparing the terroir. Today, the fruits of our labor are recognized in internationally award-winning wines. Our commitment to exploring new varietals has allowed us to create wines that embody the spirit of innovation and showcase the potential of this remarkable grape. Monte Rosso Estate proudly stands among the first wine producers in Istria to cultivate Montepulciano grapes, capturing the essence of this exceptional variety. Additionally, we produce a limited edition of rakija (brandy) from Malvasia grapes and Montepulciano, further showcasing the diversity and excellence of our wines.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Spread across 40 hectares of our estate, our olive groves boast a remarkable 14,000 olive trees, comprising six different varieties. This diverse collection of olive trees thrives in the idyllic Istrian climate, where the warm Mediterranean sun and cool coastal breezes bestow their gifts upon each tree.

Every year, our skilled hands carefully pick olives, ensuring that only the finest fruits are chosen for our Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Employing traditional and sustainable methods, we expertly extract the oil, preserving the natural flavors and health benefits of the olives. Monte Rosso Estate’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil delights the senses with its exquisite green hue and a distinct, vibrant aroma that speaks of freshness and quality. Each taste reveals a symphony of flavors, with fruity and herbaceous notes intertwining, culminating in a delicate peppery finish that lingers on the palate. We take great pride in our commitment to sustainable agriculture practices, ensuring that our olive groves thrive in harmony with nature.

In addition to our esteemed wines and olive oil, we harness the essence of almonds, figs, and walnuts grown on our estate.

From our carefully nurtured almond trees, we produce exceptional almond oil—a golden elixir rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and healthy fats.

Our almond oil nourishes and hydrates the skin, leaving it soft and supple, while adding a delicate nutty flavor to culinary creations.

Our fig marmalade is a true delicacy, handcrafted from the finest figs harvested from our estate. Bursting with the natural sweetness and vibrant flavor of fresh figs, our marmalade is a delightful accompaniment to cheese boards, toast, or desserts.

As we continue to explore the full potential of our terroir, we are excited to introduce new offerings crafted from the diverse range of crops thriving in our fields, expanding your culinary and sensory experiences.

We invite you to embark on a sensory journey with our captivating wines, exquisite olive oil, almond oil, fig marmalade, and more. Each product is a testament to our dedication, passion, and commitment to create high-quality products.

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