Team Bulding Harvest

have fun!

Pick your harvest & have fun!

Experience the thrill of harvesting on our estate and create unforgettable memories. We offer team-building activities, including harvesting and tasting, which are excellent opportunities to learn more about our estate and experience the different cultures that grow here. Our professional guide will lead you through the harvest and provide you with the necessary equipment to make the process easier. Harvesting together with your family, friends, or team will strengthen your connection while enjoying and learning something new.

We take pride in handpicking all of our products, utilizing various tools to facilitate the process. Our experienced pickers will guide you through the harvest, providing tools and aids for an enjoyable and straightforward experience.

Participating in the harvest is both fun and tiring, but we guarantee it will be a special experience for those who have never had the opportunity before. During the harvest, our guests work alongside our experienced pickers, who will provide instructions and point out what to pay attention to during the process.

The price of participation includes coffee, brunch, drinks, and a half-kilogram of harvested products such as cherries, figs, almonds, or half a liter of fresh olive oil (during olive harvest) or a bottle of wine (during grape harvest) upon departure.

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